We employ skilled personnel who specialise in the following fields:

Our scope of abilities enables us to plan and complete projects from inception to completion, reverse engineer custom products tailored to your needs or manufacture goods to your drawings or specifications to production runs of any size. In addition we maintain a substantial network of reliable subcontractors and suppliers to ensure quality and timely completion of projects.


We can work from your sketches or drawings or we can create drawings and 3D models for you.

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Our boilermakers and welders are equally skilled in working with heavy construction materials, light sheet materials and pipe, in both ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

  • 8 MIG Welders
  • 5 ARC Welders
  • 2 TIG Welders
  • CNC Bandsaw - 320MM (12-1/2") Jaw Capacity
  • Hydraulic Press - 60 Tonne

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Our Fitters and Turners are proficient with both CNC and manual machines.

  • Centre Lathe – Swing over Bed: 670mm (26”) / Distance Between Centres: 3000mm (9’10”) / Spindle Bore: 104mm (4”)
  • Centre Lathe – Swing over Bed: 360mm (14”) / Distance Between Centres: 1500mm (4’11”) / Spindle Bore: 51mm (2”)
  • CNC Mill – Horizontal Travel: 1300mm 4’3”) / Cross Travel: 750mm (2’5-1/2”) / Vertical Travel: 750mm (2’5-1/2”)
  • Mill - Horizontal Travel: 1600mm (5’3”) / Cross Travel: 720mm (2’4”) / Vertical Travel: 700mm (2’3-1/2”)
  • Mill, Bridgeport Style - Horizontal Travel: 762mm (2’6”) / Cross Travel: 400mm (15-3/4”) / Vertical Travel: 406mm (16”)
  • Radial Drill – diameter to 75mm (3”)
  • Pedestal Drill – diameter to 30mm (1-1/4”)

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Our Technicians have extensive knowledge in all aspects of equipment and machinery assembly and repair, including motion control, pneumatics and hydraulics.

Major equipment includes:

  • 4 Overhead Cranes - 5 Tonne Capacity
  • 2 Forklifts

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Process control, new machinery and machinery service incorporating Pneumatics.
Service and supply of pneumatic cylinders.

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Process control, new machinery and machinery service incorporating hydraulics.
Service and supply of pneumatic cylinders

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Process control, new machinery and machinery service incorporating electrical and electronics.

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We can arrange the most cost effective local and international freight services and pack your product to ensure safe transport.

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